What we perform
matters a lot to you

HIPAA Compliant
PHI safe

Save time
focus on core
better care to patient

ease and convenience

Our focus is to maximize your benefits.
For us, better service is not a special service.

One of our focus of our service is to make it low cost and so it becomes affordable and at the same time not compromising the quality of work.

Meanwhile reducing claim rejections to less than 5%, this leads to maximizing in payments, which increases your cash flow.

Our service also reduces the RCM cost up to 30%, again save the $, and so cash flow increases.

Our charges are based on percentage of collections, hence we get paid only after you get paid, so no fixed cost like salary, benefits to your employee and other overheads like computer hardware, electricity charges, which will again make a cash flow rich, we hope these benefits will surely help you.

A HIPAA Compliant Service has a right security so your PHI is safe, this is a prime requirement.

A Flexible service which is customized specially for you will give ease and convenience.

Subscription to our service will save your precious time, so that you can focus on core activities, which will leans to better care to patient.