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 Is it smart to let my billing go out to another company?

Industry experts agree that it can be extremely good business to concentrate on your core competencies, like providing quality medical care, and intelligently "outsource" your ancillary functions, like billing.

Our senior staff averages over 10 years in the medical billing industry and are true physician oriented professionals.

 Why should I spend all that money on a billing service when I can do it cheaper in-house?

In many cases, a billing service can be more cost effective than in-house billing. Our cost analysis on an "average" two to five doctor practice shows that our costs are lower than the cost of staffing, office space, office operating expenses, storage, etc for an in-house computer system. In addition, we estimate we can improve collections between 5% to 10% at the "average" practice.

 How does this reduce my administrative headaches?

You no longer have to worry about a billing office staff. We are responsible for hiring, training and supervision. You don't have to provide office space and storage for the billing office. You don't have to worry about the computer or software. We take care of all those details including patient inquires. All you need is a simple Internet connection in your office to use for patient lookup, to generate charge tickets, and for appointment scheduling.

 How much does your service cost?

Rather than set flat rates for predetermined services, we customize each quote to your office's particular needs.

Our fees vary depending on the type of practice, monthly volume, and the length of our contract.

Fees are all-inclusive. We handle all telephone fees, HCFA's, printing. All payments from Medicare and other payers come directly to you. CG Meditrans bills you monthly for claims processed the previous month.

 What documents do I need to send to you?

For billing:

You would send us patient demographics and Insurance information. This is required only for new patients, and patients who have had a change in their demographic or insurance information.

  • For Office patients, this information would be on your patient registration form.
  • For Hospital patients, this information would be on the Hospital Face Sheet.
  • For patients seen in the office, you would send us your Super Bill.
  • For patients seen in the hospital, most doctors just write the procedures and diagnosis on the hospital face sheet, or send us a weekly or daily log of the patients seen.

For Posting Payments:

You would send us your EOBs, and stubs from the patient bills. Co-payments will be posted from the information contained on the Encounter sheets.

 What specialties do you support?

We support all specialties.

 I already do my billing In-House, why should I switch to your service?

Feature Advantage Benefits
Low cost service affordable service save $
Claim rejections < 5% maximizing in payments cash flow increases
RCM cost up to 30% again save the $ smooth cash flow
Percentage based collections no fixed cost better cash flow
HIPAA compliant service secure service PHI safe
Flexible service customized ease and convenience
Save time focus on core activities better care to patient

How do we get started?

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Please help us prepare by providing us with any details about your practice including practice model, specialty, and any specific concerns. Include the best time to contact you.